About TextLab

TextLab is a course at the University of Strathclyde that introduces students to methods of digital text analysis. As part of the Vertically Integrated Projects initiative, students work in teams, testing newly developed software programs to identify specific linguistic features of literary texts. The Vertically Integrated Projects initiative puts students from a variety of different backgrounds (from different faculties, from first year through to postgraduate study) together and they work in self directed teams to carry out a group project. This system, first developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology by Professor Ed Coyle, focuses on hands-on, interdisciplinary research-led teaching, allowing students to contribute directly to ongoing academic research.

TextLab is a Digital Humanities Vertically Integrated Project at Strathclyde, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration between the faculty of English Studies and the faculty of Computer and Information Science.¬† This is its second iteration. You can read more about the first iteration of Textlab as part of the proceedings of the “Revolutionizing Early Modern Studies? The Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership in 2012” Conference (pdf).


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